Sofia's slide

We have a new addition to Sofia's playground - a slide! 

I was on my laptop the other night looking through the latest local freecycle offerings when I came across a posting for "Toddler climbing cube with slide and Toddler car - Sandy Bay".  The items had been posted a couple of hours before I read the email (and things usually get snapped up pretty quickly), but despite this I replied to the poster and was happy to receive a response the next morning to say the items were ours if we wanted them.  We arranged a pickup time for that day and conveniently the pickup address was a mere two streets away.

Ian came along for the pickup, which was lucky as it took a bit of brute force to dismantle the slide.  We got it home and he gave it a good clean with the hose while Sofia supervised ...

... and then re-assembled it.

Sofia immediately tried it out - head first!

Followed by a more conventional ride.

There was also a toddler car which Sofia hasn't shown much interest in yet so it is parked in the garage for the time being.

After the fun, Sofia got back to work - there were many leaves to rake.

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  1. Looks like fun. Nice score!
    Do I spy a mudlarks suit? Gil goes to kinder with the son of the woman behind mudlarks. They'll be at our house on Wednesday for Gil's little pizza party for his 4th birthday. Small world.