After months cleaning up the wood heap then pruning fruit trees, there has finally been some time recently to get back to work on the rest of the garden. There is a big plant that I've wanted to get rid of ever since we moved in - think it was a datura. Apart from being pretty feral and needing to be frequently trimmed to keep it off the path, it also blocked the gate to get under the verandah from the front.
Almost clear
There are a few treasures under the verandah like some real bona fide tea chests from Ceylon! There are about eight more under there - none in very good condition.

My favourite is the big piece of marble which has been broken in two. It looks like it may have been from an old dresser or wash basin stand or some other piece of furniture. The plan is to get it joined back together and made into something.

As an added bonus while we were cleaning up the garden, a family of four fairy wrens dropped by - we hope they visit again soon.

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