Apple and walnut palmiers

It was Stephen's birthday at work and time to do some baking for his morning tea. Apples and walnuts are two current ingredients fresh from the garden so, after a bit of searching, this recipe for Apple & Walnut Palmiers looked like the best choice. There was a bit of interpretation as I hadn't prepared at all and didn't have all of the ingredients.

The first step was to chop up some walnuts. No need to chop them too fine as they get chopped more later in the process.
Coarsely chopped walnuts fresh from the garden
Miranda stewed a few apples and this was all mixed together with some honey (and maple syrup because we ran out of honey) and some cinnamon. This was then spread on a sheet of puff pastry,
Puff pastry ready to roll up
rolled up and put in the fridge for a while to firm up. The roll was chopped into 16 slices per sheet
Roll being cut into slices
and each slice becomes a palmier. These are spread out on the baking tray (sans plastic, of course).
Plenty of room just in case they expand
Half an hour or so later they came out looking totally delicious.
The finished product
Actually the first batch was a little burnt caramelised underneath as our oven is a bit fierce, but the second batch was just right. Very delicious. The walnuts were subtle combining beautifully with the honey and the apple offset both of them perfectly.

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