Everything's peachy

We have a crusty old peach tree outside the kitchen window. The trunk has been chomped by termites or borers and it looks like it won't last the next decent wind but despite this it has a reasonable crop of peaches on it. We've probably had more than fifty peaches by now and they're still coming.
Rotten bark and termite riddled wood
As with most things in our garden, a lot of the fruit has been at least partly munched by bugs but there has been plenty of good fruit left for us. Sofia has been loving them - she gets the big pieces and squishes them and ends up covered in mushed peach. A new technique discovered today is to chop the peach into bite size pieces before it reaches Sofia and then she actually eats most of it.
Some peaches nearly ripe
There are some lovely ripe ones at the moment and they are also less buggy. Another few peachy days to go yet. I love this garden.

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