Things I won't miss about our pre-renovation house

When we bought this house in December 2011 we hoped to have completed our renovation within a year. Three and a half years on we are now commencing the renovation. The house has been slowly falling apart but we haven't bothered fixing anything for the last year due to the impending renovation. So here are some photos of broken, dodgy and dangerous things that I really won't miss.

Wiring inside a (disused) gutter

Water rises and floods this corner of the room when it rains heavily

The dog box - badly built in the 1970s and falling apart

Unsurprisingly this roof leaked

Uninsulated hot water pipes

Mold in the bathroom is unavoidable as there is no proper ventilation

The shower rail was about to fall off the wall

Layers of dodgy wiring (note the 1920s wooden conduit as the bottom layer)

Oven with no handle and a door that didn't shut properly. And the big hotplate doesn't work

Broken lino with asbestos underneath

Skylight with lots of junk in it

Some of the carpet is pretty bad

The boards on the verandah are so worn they are starting to crack and getting dangerous

Wisteria and years of neglect and has damaged the verandah railing

The brickwork on the steps is falling apart and becoming dangerous

This room used to be overgrown - note the window frame splitting

Ripped wallpaper

A large gap around the door frame blocked with newspaper then painted

The bay window is falling apart

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