A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015.

Sofia: the birthday girl blowing bubbles
Otto: admiring his handiwork

A big week for our little girl - Sofia turned four! We haven't done a birthday post, so I will squeeze one in here. There was a birthday lamington, lots of thoughtful presents (thankyou everyone :) ) and this year we had a little backyard morning tea party.

There was a big carrot cake...

... pass-the-parcel and lots of hammock fun.

I did manage a month-by-month photo collage for the email invite (click on the image below to see a slightly bigger version). No trendy rounded corners like the one I did for Otto's first birthday, but sieve-head here can never remember from one birthday collage to the next which software I used. Note to 'Future Miranda', this one was made with CollageIt.

Thanks to Jodi for hosting the 52 project at practising simplicity

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  1. Happy Birthday Sofia - it looks like you all had a wonderful time celebrating :)