A special treat this year is the cherries in our garden. We missed out completely last year because the birds ate them all before we moved in. Unlike most fruits, the birds don't just take a few cherries - they clean the tree out completely. So this year we netted it. At first when we put it on we didn't tie it up at the bottom and the birds just flew up inside it and got some. Once we worked this out, we saved more than half of the cherries.

Picking the cherries
We were a bit confused about whether they were ripe because a few had gone dark red but the rest were stubbornly staying yellow with some red on the skin. So we tried a few and they all seemed to be ripe and yummy.

No idea what the variety is. There is one called Rainier that looks like this so it is probably something like that. Still no idea why there was a bunch that went dark, it is like they were a different type.

The mutant cherries
And of course Sofia helped pick the cherries.

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  1. How fun to be on a constant garden discovery. I wonder if your cherry tree had been grafted with a different variety? See http://homeguides.sfgate.com/graft-cherry-tree-branches-24541.html. My grandpa used to do this with his fruit trees and end up with a range of different fruit growing from the same plant! Happy New Year! Liz