We are very happy to announce that Otto joined us on 18 October. He is a very healthy little boy and seems to have adjusted to life on the outside pretty well. It also looks like he'll be a good eater just like big sister.

Sofia went to the hospital Thursday afternoon and looked a bit confused but she likes babies and seemed to like Otto. She touched his hand and gave him a kiss on the head. I think she will be a loving big sister once she adjusts. She went back to the hospital with her grandparents on Friday after a full day in child care but she fell asleep on the way there and couldn't be woken up. Saturday morning's visit was a bit up and down. She likes the baby but lots of things have changed and it's all a bit unsettling.

But now the big question needs to be answered - should this blog change its name? 


  1. Yes, you must change its name! What lovely photos. He's a perfect little poppet!

  2. Sorry for the delay...! Well done Mrs Miranda (and Mr Miranda too)! He's adorable. Love the name. I'm sure Sofia will be over the moon with him before too long (maybe after one or two smothering incidents). So glad all your dreams are coming true. Big love to you
    from Ms Yvette XOX