The first repairs

The renovation isn't going very quickly. In fact, it isn't going at all at the moment although hopefully that will change soon. While we're waiting to start on the major works, we're hoping to clean up the front four rooms. It's hard to do much until we know more about our plan but we've started work on some minor things that won't be impacted by the larger works to come.

The first thing we've done is to get some of the old sash windows sealed. One of the biggest problems with our house is the drafts. Getting the windows sealed has made a noticeable difference to drafts but there are still lots of drafts around doors. It's a bit hard to see them in the photo below - there is a seal on both sides of the window frame which means no drafts and no more rattles in the wind.
Window seals inside and out
The windows were taken apart, adjusted so they close properly, had the seals added, and had the cords replaced.

The cords were replaced as well
The window frame in Sofia's room had quite a lot of borers - not a big surprise as the skirting boards in that room have also suffered from borers. It's fixed for now but will need some more work when we get the room fixed up.

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